creating the future of the metals industry*)

*) or other complex and dynamic manufacturing processes

We provide highly efficient and customer-centric products and solutions by connecting people, engineering and digital technologies.




We are not dreaming about success. We are working for it.

In every project that we carry out, we combine our customers’ expertise with cross-border thinking and experience from past projects. This approach provides a framework for evaluating and incorporating new experiences in order to support a continuous improvement process while successfully carrying out projects with our customers. Take a look at some of our reference projects.




Improve production processes by generating and transferring knowledge.

At qoncept group, we view your challenges as new problems for us to solve. We also recognize the critical importance of knowledge generation and transfer in this process. Knowledge generation involves activities that range from developing or creating new ideas and identifying external knowledge and previously unnoticed trends to integrating distinct concepts and practices. Relatedly, knowledge transfer is the process of transferring tacit and explicit knowledge to our customers with the aim of providing help or solving problems.

In order to support and consult with our customers during decision-making and process optimization, while recognizing their spirit for digital innovation, we offer a holistic and integrated approach. We want to translate and pass on our knowledge and expertise in such a way that it benefits our customers. The overall goal of our knowledge transfer consulting focus is to contribute to increased productivity, ultimately increasing profits and growth while supporting faster and more accurate decision-making.




qoncept products help to inspire our customers’ vision for future production.

The production of the future is completely connected, transparent, proactive, flexible and self-optimizing. In other words, the production of the future is simply intelligent. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for this, since intelligent production can look different depending on different boundary conditions. Intelligent production requires a wide variety of components (data, technology, processes, people and security) and smooth interaction between them.

At qoncept group, we are aware of this interaction between people and technology, and we develop products and solutions designed to help you get one step closer to the vision of intelligent production. We develop across disciplines to improve existing processes or to enable completely new ones. Our products are highly efficient and customer-centric. We achieve our goals by connecting people, engineering and digital technologies.




We trust in improvement because we never stop learning.

The projects that we execute are always a basis for generating knowledge within our group. Sharing this knowledge is of great importance for us. Take a look at our latest articles on metallurgy, metallurgical modeling, digitization and digital transformation, software, process control and optimization, intelligent sensors and much more.




We are a passionate and innovation-driven team focused on connecting ideas, knowledge and technology.
  • Our Introduction

    introduction (noun): an explanatory section at the beginning of a book, report, or speech.

    We are an innovative, flexible and dynamic company with the vision to actively shape the future of manufacturing processes. We love and live metallurgy and manufacturing, software development, engineering and intelligent technologies.

  • Our Team

    team (noun): a group of people who combine their efforts to achieve a common goal.

    We are system engineers who combine ideas with an overall picture, but we never lose sight of the current project goals. We firmly believe that real intuitive expertise is learned from years of experience with good feedback on mistakes.

  • Our Philosophy

    philosophy (noun): a theory or attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behavior.

    Our services and solutions should contribute to the resource-saving production of metals and other industrial goods. Our employees, as well as their further development and interactions within the company and with our customers, are the focus of our activities.

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