We are industrial software experts who use innovative methods to work out, design and develop software to digitize, understand, guide and optimize manufacturing processes. 


We digitize and transform metallurgical processes into software that creates added value.


We are offering a holistic approach of software definition, software development and software implementation to our industrial customers.

The added value achieved by our software solutions is at the center of our engineering services. Using different methods and technologies, we strive to implement a software solution that quickly generates added value and ROI.

Typically, the process from the big picture to the final implemented value adding software solution will be carried out with four steps:


Computational Metallurgy applications are intelligent software solutions in the field of metallurgical process modeling. These process models map the different sub-processes of steelmaking in a holistic approach. Computational Metallurgy applications are a useful tools for optimizing the entire production process and for supporting decision making processes.


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At qoncept, we do not hire specific professions like metallurgists, requirement engineers, data scientists or software developers. Instead, we want to spice up our team searching for individuals with a…

Did you know… Christmas trees are all around us! The solidification of steel during industrial production actually forms millions of Christmas trees of tiny size. In metallurgy these Christmas trees…

ABOUT qoncept

We are qoncept …

… an innovative and dynamic company for the digitization of manufacturing processes. We love and live metallurgy and particularly the production of steels and non-ferrous metals.


We can look back on many years of experience in the metals industry where our passion, the combination of the two engineering disciplines of software development and metallurgy, began.


We speak the language of the users from the metals industry as well as the language of software suppliers and developers.


We partner by sharing our expertise in all fields of software engineering, from the analysis of the current situation up to the final implemented software.


We focus on helping our clients understand the world where "traditional metallurgy" meets the state-of-the-art industrial software.

Many companies are currently facing the trend-setting question as to what extent the course must be laid today for the use of Industry 4.0 components. In order to answer this question, the different technologies and components of Industry 4.0 must first be understood and transferred to the respective industry.

This is what we do:
Collect, analyze and understand software requirements for the metals industry. Designing, developing and implementing solutions together with our customers and based on state-of-the-art methods.

Solutions that can be implemented efficiently to rapidly achieve an added value.


  • Metallurgy

We understand metallurgy and metallurgical processes from the fundamental and practical point of view: The most important prerequisite to understand our clients.​

  • Industry 4.0

We understand the different technologies of Industry 4.0 and the applicability of these technologies to the metals industry: The most important prerequisite to advise on industrial trends.

  • Software

We have experience in software development for many years. We speak the language of metallurgists and software developers: The most important prerequisite to meet the customers’ needs.​

  • Innovation

We combine modern methods like design thinking, agile development and lean start-up in our engineering services: The most important prerequisite to achieve a maximum added value.



We are asking for the opportunity to partner with our customers in order to help accelerate their business and ensure ongoing growth.​


We are passionately agile and excited by software projects in the metals industry. We want to deliver the tailor-made software solution for each individual plant.


We constantly improve our skills and never stop learning. We respond to unexpected situations by developing solutions and answers away from routine and rule-based circumstances.


We think across borders and like to implement new technologies, knowing that working across multiple disciplines becomes increasingly important. We act as system engineers who see the big picture and connect new ideas.