we love and live metallurgy

We love and live software development, digital technologies and engineering. We are here to see the big picture and to connect new ideas with the art of metal production and processing. We either do this passionately or not at all.

Where we come from

Metallurgy – the production of metals – is one of the oldest skills of mankind. Ages in human development have been named after different metals – the Iron Age, the Bronze Age. For millennia, people have been striving to improve the production of metals in order to improve everyday life.
In our modern times, when everybody is talking about digitalization, digital transformation and man-free production, one could think that an old science like metallurgy is long outdated. Yet, every tablet and cell phone that we cannot stop using requires so many metals for its manufacturing that metallurgy is still one the most important pillars of the life we live today. Bridging the gap between the old metallurgical sciences, innovation and the latest digital trends is not always easy. We saw a need to approach things differently. We wanted to live our passion for innovation and the production of metals.

What we build on

We have been active in the field of metallurgy and information technology for over 15 years and can, therefore, support our customers with different perspectives. We know how processes have to be analyzed. We know how knowledge transformation should take place in order to initiate and establish sustainable process improvements. We know how important digital innovation is and how it can be implemented efficiently and profitably. And, we know how all of this can be combined with software projects. This is precisely what we saw as our drive to do things differently.

How we do it

We want to think across borders and act as system engineers who see the big picture and combine new ideas and innovative technologies. Science means creating knowledge; engineering means implementing it. qoncept was founded by metallurgists who were enthusiastic about innovation. At qoncept, every project is an innovation. We believe that real innovation can only take place if the various engineering disciplines are combined. For this reason, we unite experts in metallurgy, mechanical engineering and software development. Therefore, we offer an interdisciplinary view of a project with the basic mindset of an engineer. We listen to our customers and want to work together to develop a holistic concept.

Where we are going

In a time of disruptive digital technologies, many companies are confronted with the future-oriented question of how to set the right course for innovative technologies and digital transformation. We are convinced that the digital transformation and innovation process take time. The general conditions and the specific requirements for process optimization (with or without digital technologies) in the metallurgical industry vary from customer to customer. The challenges of keeping pace with innovative digitization trends in this area can be overcome with a fair, reliable and competent partner. qoncept accompanies you step by step in innovation processes and digital transformation. We want to create the future of the metals industry with and for our customers.


if complexity is the problem, qoncept is the answer.