how we want to interact

We help our business partners with our expertise.

Our Philosophy


We value sustainability in several ways:

On the one hand, we want our services and solutions to contribute to the more resource-efficient production of metals and other industrial goods. On the other hand, sustainability is also clearly related to employee development and training. Sustainable corporate growth is only made possible through the sustainable build-up of our team.

What is important to us


We ask for the opportunity to partner with our customers in order to help accelerate their business and ensure ongoing growth. ​


We are passionately agile and excited by projects in the metals industry. We want to deliver the tailor-made solutions for each individual plant.


We constantly improve our skills and never stop learning. We respond to unexpected situations by developing solutions and answers outside of routine and rule-based circumstances.


We think across borders and like to implement new technologies, knowing that working across multiple disciplines is becoming increasingly important. We act as system engineers who see the big picture and connect new ideas.

Our guidelines and principles

The customer is king

We think holistically about our customers’ requirements, and we strive to deliver a complete service experience. Everything starts with the client’s challenges, and we understand what it takes to solve them. We are only satisfied when the customer receives the desired solution, and we focus on our customers’ specific needs.

Excellence by competence

We trust in improvement because we never stop learning. We have the will to constantly improve the following competences:

  • Technical competence: The knowledge and the ability to achieve agreed upon results, as well as the analytical ability to solve problems and search for new alternatives.
  • Conceptual competence: The ability to see the big picture, to check premises and to change perspective.
  • Interdependent competence: The ability to interact effectively with others by putting listening and understanding of others first. The pursuit of mutual benefits and opportunities of cooperation. Creating synergies by appreciating differences.

Character matters

We operate our business based on the following three dimensions of character:

  • Universalism: We focus on respect, fairness, helpfulness and compassion. In general and in business life, qoncept strives to understand, appreciate and support the well-being of people.
  • Transformation: Courage and passion best represent this dimension of character. Activities that inspire others to achieve long-term, visionary goals and a value-driven, strategic orientation toward our clients and our company play an important role.
  • Benevolence: This third major dimension of character is associated with loyalty, integrity and honesty. The core aspect of this character trait is the focus on caring for our customers and employees through daily interactions.

How we cooperate with our customers

  • Participate: We want to be a welcomed participant in your project.
  • Understand: We want to understand your business.
  • Identify: We want to proactively identify opportunities and prepare for what’s coming.
  • Present: We want to present relevant case studies.
  • Advise: We want to advise on industry trends and best practices.
  • Leverage: We want to leverage innovative and future-oriented technology

Let’s build bridges instead of walls