Transparency and Workflow Optimization

Requirements Engineering | Software for a Finishing Line

The motivation for this project was defined as follows: With the help of a customer-specific software solution, know-how is to be standardized and optimized, product tracking ensured and efficient production achieved.
Together with the customer, we developed the requirements for a software solution that tracks, monitors and controls the entire production. In addition, functionalities were defined that enable production to be optimized. The software solution, which is optimally coordinated for general conditions, should provide answers to the following operationally relevant questions:

  • How can the production be increased while maintaining the required quality at lower costs?
  • How can the availability of the plants be increased and the life cycle optimized?
  • How can plant performance be improved?
  • How can maintenance and operating costs be reduced?
  • How can operational agility be improved?
  • How can adherence to delivery dates be improved?

Another goal of the requirements engineering phase was to define a holistic overview of all processes, whereby all relevant data from different sources must be integrated.