Comprehensive Software for a Foundry

Software | Digitalization of the Melting and Casting Area

Our software solution for this customer follows a holistic, modular and expandable concept. Communication with Level 1 (machine data acquisition) takes place at the lowest level. Based on this process data, the metallurgical models calculate the current status and setpoints for optimal control of the respective processes for the melting units (EAF and IF) and refining (AOD). Predefined treatment recipes (instructions) are displayed to the operating personnel in order to ensure standardization of the production. Graphical user interfaces (software cockpits) in the control rooms and robust operator terminals located directly on the shop floor enable interactions with the operator.
Based on customer orders, the production dispatching module enables the generation of production orders and the manual creation of a production sequence within a defined planning period. In addition, the raw material optimization application is seamlessly integrated into the software to calculate the cost-optimized charge mix based on the current material availability at the plant’s storage yards.
All necessary definition data about the product and all information required to manufacture the products (e.g., recipes and production workflows) are created and managed in the master data management module. The creation and management of all information about the required resources (raw materials and operating resources) is made possible by the special resource management modules. In addition, all basic functions of material and warehouse management, including inventory management, are provided.
The reporting module provides a heat-specific overview of all relevant process data, sample analyses, consumption data and key figures for all treatment steps carried out. The product report provides an overview of the products produced, including all product-relevant key figures.

qoncept is the turn-key supplier in this project, delivering the complete software solution, including commissioning and the necessary hardware (qonsole operator terminals).