qonsole – robust operator terminal

Our touchable operator terminals is designed to be installed in the harshest environment.


Design principles

When designing an operator terminal for the metals industry, the key user was in our focus: the operator on the shop floor.

During the production of metals, this operator is exposed to unfavorable conditions: heat, dust and dirt. While humans have managed to adapt themselves to such an environment by protective clothing, electronics have not. Therefore we have made a complete redesign thinking process to create an operator terminal that is suitable for these conditions.

System highlights

  • Multi-touch operator terminal for modern software solutions in full-HD resolution
  • Touch operation with finger, pen or special work glove
  • Optional additional satellite terminal for ergonomic working conditions
  • Robust steel casing for harsh environment in dusty or hot production plants
  • Network connectivity by ethernet, wireless or LTE+ connection
  • Direct power supply or via PoE
  • Optional exchangeable 3 mm protective glass
  • Integrated industrial PC (SBC) with free choice of operating system
  • Fanless design, 3rd party certification for dust-proof design


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Use cases

  • Shop floor (operator level) of steelmaking or nonferrous production plants
  • Operator terminals of production units
  • Data acquisition terminal in cranes or other mobile devices
  • Large overhead info displays in production plants

Let’s digitize your production with our qonsole