knowledge transfer

We improve your production by generating and transferring knowledge and developing customer-focused strategies.

Strategy and Consulting

What we support

We support and advise our customers in decision making, process optimization and digital innovation. We pass on our knowledge and know-how so that it benefits our customers. The overarching goal of our knowledge transfer-focused consulting is to increase productivity and, ultimately, profit and growth. We advise in the areas of steel metallurgy and mechanical engineering and in the development and implementation of innovative digital solutions.

  • Business Unit

    The aim of our consulting is to increase process efficiency, reduce process costs and improve product quality in metal production.

  • Client

    Together with you, we create and develop future-oriented, modern and innovative digital solutions for the production of tomorrow.

  • Solution

    Get independent expertise on engineering projects for new installations or for retrofits of metallurgical equipment and plants.

Let’s innovate the metals industry together