multifunctional multi-media coupling

Our universal solution to improve operator safety and process stability in the harshest environment.


Design principles

qoupler is a patented, quick, safe, reliable and maintenance friendly automatic multi-media connection device for coupling different media in harsh environments like the metals or mining industry.

It is a compact coupling system to create the link between a fixed media supply source and a mobile coupling partner.

The system is designated to increase operator safety compared to any manual coupling operation.

System highlights

  • Automatically couple different media like gas, liquids, hydraulics or electrical currents with one multi coupling connection
  • Actuated by placing the mobile part onto the fixed mating partner
  • Supply of different media starts immediately without need of any personnel for coupling hoses or cables from the supply source
  • Spring loaded system offerst highest coupling reliability
  • High flexibility in all directions to compensate for misalignment between the coupling partners
  • Used to harshest environments, dust-proof and temperature resistant
  • Multifunctional and multi-media coupling in a single coupling solution for up to 7 separate feeding lines
  • Patented solution for 100% operator safety

Main system components

Let’s qouple safer