Our products and solutions are designed and developed across disciplines to improve existing processes or to enable completely new ones.

Products and Solutions

What we make

At qoncept group, we design, develop and deliver highly efficient and customer-centric products and solutions by connecting people, engineering and digital technologies. With our products and solutions, we want to help make intelligent production a reality. This intelligent production requires innovation from a wide range of engineering disciplines, a new view of business problems and an interdisciplinary approach to the fundamental aspects and principles of systems. In other words, we make functional products and solutions with added value.

  • Raw Material Optimization

    Our multilevel material mix optimization algorithm helps to considerably reduce raw material costs along the entire production route.

  • Metallurgical Modeling

    Our advanced and easily customizable models ensure complete process transparency and have been developed to control and optimize your steelmaking processes.

  • Software for the Metals Industry

    Implement our expandable software assistance system for the organization, standardization, control and optimization of all processes along your value chain.

  • Customized Engineering

    Do you need mechanical engineering specially tailored to your requirements? We develop and implement well-planned solutions through cross-domain engineering.

  • Operator Terminals without Limits

    Our robust operator terminals are made of steel and enable digitalization even under extreme environmental conditions.

  • Multifunctional Coupling System

    Our patented easy coupling system is the right choice for any media that you want to connect quickly, reliably and securely.

  • Silos and Hoppers

    Solutions for silos, hoppers and other large steel structures.

Let’s innovate the metals industry together