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With knowledge of the concepts and the possibilities of the smart factory, we create and design future-oriented, modern and innovative digital solutions.

Digital Process Innovation

The future of the process and manufacturing industry

The idea of Industry 4.0, with all possible and efficiently applied key technologies, can only be realized in connection with an innovative software system. Therefore, future-oriented solutions for the implementation of intelligent production require a systematic and comprehensive consideration of software in combination with Industry 4.0 components. In order to design and create such solutions, we take a holistic approach to implemented software solutions that add value.

Our Integrated Approach

Evaluating the current situation

The metals industry is characterized by a considerable difference in the extent of automation and digitization. Before thinking about the perfect solution or even Industry 4.0 and the different possibilities of this technology, an assessment and diagnosis of the current situation based on the levels of systematization must be the starting point of every digitization project. Thus, the first phase of the integrated approach for designing future-oriented digital solutions includes the following items:

  • Analyze the current situation (status quo) of the degree of automation and digitization
  • Document the degree of automation and digitization
  • Identify possible problems and weak points

The result of this evaluation and analysis enables an efficient way to identify potential for improvement. It is also the starting point for developing the overall picture of value-adding software.

Industry 4.0 Advisory

Many companies are currently facing trend-setting questions regarding the course for the use of Industry 4.0 components. In order to answer these questions, the basic concepts of these technologies must first be understood and transferred to the respective industry.

We help our customers transform Industry 4.0 concepts into the prevailing technical environment. The development of an Industry 4.0 roadmap will be carried out according to the following stages:

  • Providing visibility/transparency by determining and recording all relevant data.
  • Establishing understanding by analyzing the different processes based on the recorded data.
  • Enabling predictive abilities by generating information and suggestions for activities to be performed (e.g., alarms, warnings).
  • Assembling intelligent self-optimizing systems to take over control of the entire process.

Our team always considers the big picture and the entire system (Industry 4.0 key technologies, software systems as a hub, added value, efficiency, economic aspects, etc.). We help our customers do the following:

  • Understand and apply concepts and key technologies of Industry 4.0 and intelligent production.
  • Determine and evaluate the degree of digitization.
  • Conduct cross-system analysis of business processes.
  • Identify possible Industry 4.0 technologies (find the right product).

When to contact us

We support our customers in

  1. defining project goals and collecting system requirements.
  2. integrating digital products.
  3. analyzing Industry 4.0 technologies and the development of roadmaps.

The added value for the customer is in the center of our operations. Regardless of which methods or technologies are used, the goal is always to implement a solution that quickly generates added value and return on investment.

Let’s take the path of digital trans¬≠formation together