Our story is about living digital metallurgy by transforming metallurgical processes into software that creates added value.


We want to live our passion for digital manufacturing

Metallurgy – the production of metals – is one of the oldest skills of mankind. Ages in human development have been named after different metals… the Iron Age, the Bronze Age. For millinea, people have been striving to improve the production of metals in order to improve our everyday life.
In our modern times, where everybody is talking about digitalization, digital transformation and man-free production one could think that an old science like metallurgy is long outdated. Yet, every tablet and cell phone that we cannot stop using requires so many metals for its manufacturing that metallurgy is still one the most important pillars of the life we live today. Bridging the gap between the old metallurgical sciences and the latest digital trends is not always easy…
Working in the field of metallurgy and computer sciences for over 15 years, we know very well how challenging it is to conduct software projects in this industry. We know about the communication obstacles between metallurgists and software developers. We know about software projects that never end, because the real requirement of the customer was never fully understood. We saw a need to approach things differently. We wanted to live our passion for digital manufacturing.now we want to think across borders and we act as system engineers who see the big picture and connect new ideas and innovative technologies. Science is about knowing, engineering is about doing.

This is why we founded qoncept.


We live digital metallurgy by combining science and engineering

We translate the requirements of our customers

Every successful software project starts with a decent requirement engineering and a sound solution development. We offer consulting services for all preparatory phases of a software project to make your software project a success. You think that qoncept should take full responsibility? We will be more than glad to execute your software project with our most professional team of software developers that have all worked for industrial software projects. We will be happy to deliver a smart software solution for the metals industry with a great user experience, in time and budget. We work with expert frameworks that are proven in the industrial application.

We passionately engineer your project

qoncept was founded by metallurgical engineers which were always thrilled by innovation. At qoncept every software project is an innovation. We believe that real innovation only takes places when combining the different engineering disciplines. This is why we assemble experts in metallurgy, software architecture, software development, user experience and data science. Each member of the qoncept team is infected by our passion to engineer innovation.

We like to be challenged

Would you like to see the source of our passion? It is how our customers challenge us. Our customers know their processes and requirements better than we do. We are offering a cross-discipline view on a project with an engineering mindset. We are listening to our customers and we want to work on a complete concept. A concept to digitalize production in months. To establish a basis for a long-term partnership for the benefit of all.


We guide through the journey of value adding digital transformation.

We believe that digital transformation is a long journey with the overall goal to generate business value. We believe that the next trend in digitalization will actually evolve before Industry 4.0 has become reality in metallurgical production.
Metallurgical production of steels and non-ferrous metals, and from cast products to the production of powders for additive manufacturing always bears specific customer requirements. These requirements can only be understood when working with a fair and reliable partner and guide.
qoncept is ready for being your compass on this journey of digital transformation.