According to Maura Sheehan knowledge generation processes are central to innovation. The exchange of knowledge enables the collection of existing knowledge within and outside organizations. The synthesis of this knowledge enhances the ability of employees to develop new platforms for the development and to launch new products, services and processes. If knowledge is not passed on, experience and know-how are not fully exploited.

Many people have great ideas that often can not be realized because of lack of skills and resources. The transition from internal research and development or purely entrepreneurial efforts of innovation to collaborative innovation can lead to bigger achievements. Ultimately, all partners benefit from this philosophy.

We are convinced that sharing knowledge stimulates innovation.


University of Leoben

The Montanuniversität Leoben in Leoben, Austria, is Austria’s only university for mining, metallurgy and materials.
It was founded in 1840 in the province of Styria, Austria’s main mining region. In 1848 Peter Tunner relocated the university to nearby Leoben, in that year the university had a mere 48 students enrolled.
In the meantime the Montanuniversität Leoben has over 3800 students and is, alongside the TU Wien and TU Graz, one of Austria’s three universities of technology. It offers education and conducts research in the fields of mining, metallurgy and materials science.



Zentrum für Angewandte Technologie Leoben GmbH

The Zentrum für Angewandte Technologie (ZAT, Center for Applied Technology) was founded in 1999 as the first university spin-off center in Austria. With its seat nearby the Montanuniversität, the main focus is on scientists and innovative people from the surroundings of the university. Because of competences and a multifaceted network of the university in material sciences and its appliances, many project promoters from other regions take up on the opportunity to start their independency in Leoben with the help of ZAT. qoncept is proud to be part of the ZAT since September 2018!




CENUMERICS is an interdisciplinary engineering consultancy, which strives to solve complex engineering tasks. The applied method constitutes in formulating these tasks in the language of physics and mathematics. The solutions for these formulations are found by numerical procedures and simulations. The customers of CENUMERICS and qoncept benefit from these solutions.
Among others, the services of CENUMERICS include the (1) setup and solving of mathematical models of physical problems, (2) component and structural analysis and (3) process analysis.



eSENSEial Data Science GmbH

The company eSENSEial Data Science GmbH provides essential machine data analysis services to companies manufacturing and-or operating large plant and machinery. They focus on the equipment associated with extraction and production of raw materials and associated manufacturing processes. The goal of eSENSEial is to extract knowledge and understanding from machine data so as to generate added value along the complete lifecycle of the equipment. This is providing added value during the design phase of the next generation equipment; supporting engineers during the commissioning; monitoring the state of the plant during operation; automatically identifying operations for process and operator optimization; incident analysis to identify causes of failure.
eSENSEial offers the first comprehensive approach to utilizing machine data to generate added value over the complete lifecycle.