making steel production more efficient.

Products and Services

technology for highly efficient production

If you are targeting an efficient and resource-saving production, we have the solutions.
As your partner, we are providing know-how and cleverly developed solutions to make the production of steel more efficient.


Software Solutions

Efficient steel production by intelligent developed software that enables supervision, control and optimization of individual processes or along the entire value.

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Raw Material Optimizaton Software

Multi-level raw material optimization for the entire value chain of steelmaking (from scrap yard to melting and to all secondary metallurgy processes)

Process Automation Software (Level 2 Systems)

Real-time and off-line metallurgical models packed in state-of-the-art software for process supervision, control and optimization.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Management, planning, tracking and reporting of the entire production (from scrap yard to the cast product)



Efficient steel production by generating and transferring knowledge and developing customer-focused strategies.

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Metallurgical Consulting

Supporting steelmakers to increase process efficiency, reduce process costs and improve product quality.

Consulting services in the field of software engineering and digitalization

Realization of intelligent and efficient production through conceptual development of future-oriented digital solutions.


Engineering and Equipment

Efficient steel production achieved through superior engineering and innovative solutions that meet both extreme conditions and specific customer requirements.

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Mechanical Engineering

Independent engineering expertise for new installations or for retrofits of metallurgical equipment and plants.

Multifunctional Coupling

Automatic multi-media connection device for coupling different media in harsh environments.

Industry Terminals

Enable digitalization and providing information even under extreme environmental conditions.

Ongoing and Completed Projects

our passion for work

In every project that we carry out, we combine our customers’ expertise with cross-border thinking and experience from past projects. This approach provides a framework for evaluating and incorporating new experiences in order to support a continuous improvement process while successfully carrying out projects with our customers. Take a look at some of our reference projects:

Stories and Reports

we trust in improvement because we never stop learning.

Take a look at our latest articles on metallurgy, metallurgical modeling, digitization and digital transformation, software, process control and optimization, intelligent sensors and much more.

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