Solutions development is the process of determining the best way of satisfying requirements.


Solution Development explores the ways to meet requirements and then specifies the best solution. In times of digital transformation, innovative methods for developing solutions play a decisive role. Above all, design thinking and lean startup offer strategies to increase the degree of innovation. The four essential aspects of design thinking are human-centered, creative, prototype and hypothesis-based. Lean Startup believes that the most efficient innovation is the one for which users have an actual demand. This concept is very important for any strategy or method that aims to innovate. Both methods have one thing in common:

It is all about the customer!

When a solution emerges from the evaluation and is chosen as the optimal solution, it is developed into a specification. In some cases, the detailed elements of the specification cover only the early stages of development. Agile concepts of software development for example demand exactly this approach. It may appear that linear approaches to software development such as the waterfall method, which follows a sequential and linear development process, do not work. With the need for shorter product lifecycles and greater flexibility in development, agile project management has grown into a concept that handles standardized projects.

What is important to keep in mind?

The generation of a target specification depends on which software development methodology will be used in the implementation phase.

But what exactly is the different between Waterfall and Agile? Which is better? Read below a brief summary and find some links to related posts and articles…


During our solution development, we examine the possibilities of how to meet the requirements  defined in the requirement specification and how to develop a concept of the best solution based on state-of-the-art methods:

Working out the best solution.

Evaluating the requirements and the possible solutions to meet them.

Preparing a target specification document for these solutions.

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What is Agile Software Development?

  • A concept or methodology that involves iterative development in short cycles.
  • General stages are requirements, design, implementation, verification and maintenance.

What is Waterfall Software Development?

  • Involves stages that are run from start to finish before commencing the next stage.
  • General stages are requirements, design, implementation, verification and maintenance.

What are the differences between Agile and Waterfall Software Development?

Agile uses iteration – Waterfall uses stages

Agile projects use short iteration cycles known as sprints: Requirements are confirmed, developed and tested during this period.
In Waterfall projects, requirements are set at the start and the next stage begins.

Once a stage is finished, you cannot go back.

In Waterfall projects, if you have finished gathering requirements and signed them off, you cannot go back (without a change request).
In Agile projects, you can implement these requirements in the next sprint if needed.

Constant business interaction vs. high and low points

Agile projects require constant business interaction throughout the project.
Waterfall projects have points of high interaction (requirements and user acceptance testing) and low interaction (development).

Agile roles are different to Waterfall roles

Agile has a role called scrum master (depending on the chosen methodology).
Waterfall has a project manager.

Which is better?

The relevant literature and the web are full of discussions, which method is better. Unfortunately, there is no definite answer because the answers depend on so many several factors. As a rule of thumb, it can be stated that the Waterfall method has some advantages when quality is more important than speed. The Agile method has advantages for small and frequent functionalities and also when time to market is considered.

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