The highest costs in software projects arise from errors in the requirements, which are discovered after the implementation of the system. Changing requirements is much less expensive than changing the already developed functionality in a tested, documented and delivered system.



Requirement Engineering

Requirement Engineering describes the systematic and disciplined approach to specify requirements for the software to be developed. It describes the path from the project idea through the objectives to a complete documentation of all requirements. The terms “specification” and “specify” mean the elicitation and analysis, the description and documentation as well as the quality test of the requirements.

The definition above is a very technical definition. qoncept prefers a more customer-oriented definition of requirement engineering:

Understand and Describe what Customers want or need to Reduce Costs and Minimize Risks.

Requirement Management

Requirement Management uses technologies and guidelines to administrate requirements and the associated information. It enables parallel and distributed working on requirements, which results in a significant faster project execution.

Some Published Numbers

~46% of IT projects did not meet the needs and requirements of the client


50% of all IT projects take longer or are more expensive than planned


When Can we Help?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want that your software solution to fulfil your expectations?
  • Do you want to avoid a never-ending software project?
  • Do you want to drastically reduce the costs of your software project?


  • Requirement engineering and management for your upcoming software project

We help and support you by defining, analyzing, specifying and validating the system to be developed. The result will be the Requirement Specification Document: A document that can be used to invite vendors to submit their offers.

A requirement specification only describes requirements to the desired system. However, the basic requirements do not explain how the requirements are to be met. Solutions must subsequently be worked out on the basis of the result of requirement engineering and management. This can be done from potential software providers (open competitive bidding), or by qoncept as a further step of the holistic software engineering service: Solution Development




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WHY qonept

  • We understand the fundamentals of metallurgy as well as the process, material and data flow in the metals industry:

  • The most important prerequisite to understand our clients needs and demands.
  • We have experience in software development processes for many years and we speak the language of software developers. We act as interpreter:

  • The most important prerequisite to meet the expectations of the software user.