Mountaineering is the attempt to reach the highest point of big mountains.
Software engineering is like mountaineering: It requires experience and knowledge of the different activities, which must be applied to finally reach the summit.



From the big picture to the implemented value adding software solution

Focusing on the metal industry and in particular to steelmaking we are offering a holistic approach of software definition, development and implementation.

At the center of our engineering services is added value for the customer. Regardless of which methods or technologies are used, the ultimate goal is always to implement a solution that quickly generates added value and ROI.

The following illustration shows the holistic approach from the As-Is Analysis up to the Project Management focusing on the core of our engineering services – a value adding software solution for our customers.

Depending on the project and project phase, the following concepts and methods will be applied:

Agile Development Lean Startup Design Thinking

Design Thinking helps to solve the problems and needs of the customers, while Lean Startup helps to find the most suitable solution to the identified problems by applying the Build-Measure-Learning loop. A maximum output or the total potential of the individual concepts can actually be gained by a combination of the different methods.

Especially in software projects, efficiency is measured by how well teams or a software company have a common understanding of their customers. Only this makes it possible to tune the work more precisely to the desired result. This is why qoncept’s combination of the methods Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile Develop will actually creating even more added value for customers.




Do you want to improve the internal efficiencies of your manufacturing processes?

Did you know… The improvement of internal efficiency is the most important driving factor for digitalization, next to increased competitive advantage and cost savings. Keep in mind that only if you know what is available, you can see what is still missing for improvement. A professional As-Is Analysis to evaluate the current degree of automation and digitalization is the key for developing the big picture.

OUR OFFER: Analysis of the Current Situation

Analyzing the physical and cognitive tasks, considering the cooperation between humans and technology.



Do you want to invest in future-oriented and value adding software?

You have already defined and developed your big picture based on the current situation, but now you need help in defining your requirements in a structured way? Requirement engineering and management is crucial for success and occupies a central position in the system development.

OUR OFFER: Requirement Engineering and Management

Defining, structuring and verifying of requirements of the system to be developed and implemented.



Do you want to invest in a tailor-made software solution?

Software solutions available on the market are not able to meet your specific requirements. You see the need to invest into a tailor-made solution to get the most out of it?
qoncept offers the development of a target specification. The target specification is a structured document which defines data (data dictionary), functions (flow diagrams), interactions, user interfaces (UIs) and many more. It serves to give all participants a uniform idea of the final result. It has a legal significance, since it is the basis of agreements and part of the contract.

OUR OFFER: Solution Development

Analyzing the possibilities of how to meet the defined requirements and work out a concept of the best solution.



Do you want to monitor your ongoing software project during the implementation phase?

You have already signed the contract for the implementation of a new software solution. Still you are aware that the main causes of failed software projects are constantly changing requirements in the course of the project, inadequate project management and controlling as well as limited resources and technical shortcomings.

OUR OFFER: Software Project Management

Verifying the developed solution and validating of the defined requirements.





Do you need more information about digitalization and the concepts of Industry 4.0?

Many companies are currently facing the trend-setting question as to what extent the course has to be laid today for the use of Industry 4.0 components. In order to answer this question, the basic concepts of these technologies must first be understood and transferred to the respective industry.

According to a survey, actually only 30% believe that Industry 4.0 is a buzz word. In contrast, 86% are sure that Industry 4.0 will play a key role in the market. However, 70% need still more information about it.

OUR OFFER: Industry 4.0 Advisory

Transforming the concepts of Industry 4.0 to customers’ technical environments.



Digital Transformation / Industry 4.0 is a buzz word


Digital Transformation / Industry 4.0 will play a key role in my market


I need more information


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