qoncept BLOG

Numerical models to calculate temperature profiles and the solidification progress are state-of-the-art since many years. However, “Garbage In – Garbage Out” is like a universal constant. When dealing with various steels, it is essential to understand multi-component phase diagrams and that industrial solidification processes are far from equilibrium.

At qoncept we are looking back to 20 years of experience in performing (non-garbage) solidification calculations. We have valid numerical models and we have developed a tool for calculating solidifications paths, transformation temperatures and temperature-dependent thermophysical data (density, heat capacity and heat conductivity).

Combining our numerical solidification models with the thermophysical material data application, we can cover metallurgical processes such as ingot and continuous casting. Equipment and mold design, optimizing process parameters and technology represents typical applications. Moreover, integrating the material data application into an on-line solidification model boost the model accuracy by considering the actual chemical composition of the heat to be cast.

Find details on our models here.