qoncept BLOG

In March 2019, qoncept started the software engineering process at Breitenfeld Edelstahl in Austria. Breitenfeld stands for the highest quality in the production of stainless steel and special steels. The goal of this very important customer is the development of the digital transformation strategy towards a highly efficient steelmaking process.

The qoncept team is supporting Breitenfeld in the analysis of the as-is situation and in workingout the requirements for a software system to control and optimize the various processes. After this phase of requirement engineering, a customer-oriented software solution acting as a hub between the equipment control and the ERP System will be engineered and designed by qoncept. Such a system not only focuses on the metallurgical processes (process models) but also on the horizontal and vertical integration of all internal business processes of material and data flow.

We are looking forward to executing this project together with Breitenfeld and are thankful that qoncept has been selected as a partner. As a partner to ensure and to accelerate innovation – innovation towards process efficiency and process cost reduction.

The qoncept team@Breitenfeld