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At qoncept, we do not hire specific professions like metallurgists, requirement engineers, data scientists or software developers. Instead, we want to spice up our team searching for individuals with a growing mindset, a spirit of lifelong learning, a curiosity to explore new technologies and a high affinity to solve complex task by means of mathematics and modeling in a fascinating environment like the production of metals.

Help us, by sending the result of the following problem to office@qoncept.at and we will immediately contact you with a job offer.

The qoncept problem

You are in a building with 345 rooms. In each room you will meet a highly motivated potential employee. You would actually want to hire every single one of them, but unfortunately this is not possible. Your boss gives you the following task: Here is the master key for the rooms, walk through the building 345 times. At the first walk-through use the key in every room, on the second walk-through in every second room, …, on the nth walk-through in every nth room. The locks always open and close alternately. In the beginning all locks were closed. How many highly motivated individuals find an open door after the 345th walk-through?